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How to Win at Inferno Slots Online Games

Despite the rather classic characteristics of casino games, inferno, adapted to online platforms, quickly won the love of gamblers, becoming one of the most popular slots on the Internet. Simple design, practical menu, and control panel, as well as diverse stylistics, make this game stand out. The background music is also impressive as if teleporting players into real gambling halls.

But these are not the only achievements of this game. The significant win rate and ease of rules attract newcomers who try their luck every day. However, despite the seeming simplicity, you should pay attention to some points of the game that help you in increasing the chances of a big win. In this article, you will be shown the main types of winning the inferno slot game. But first, let’s figure out how to play this game and master the basic rules.

How to play Inferno slot games online correctly? 

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The game has five paylines and the same number of reels, although you cannot change the line amount. Unfortunately, there are no deposit bonus packages or free spins in these slots, but software providers have tried to diversify this situation. During the game, you will come across scatters in the form of a golden crown that can bring you the desired rewards and increase your chance of winning. The number of prizes directly depends on the bet size indicated by you. The rest of the symbols are shown as fruits and vegetables. Each symbol has a different payment amount, which you can find in the table column of the game menu.

The control panel consists of just a few buttons, “+” (increase the bet), “-” (decrease the bet), and “start” indicator. You win if the symbols on the screen line up in a particular combination. In this case, you will be given two options, either to pick up the winnings or to double the prize. When choosing the latter, a game of chance will begin, in which you will be asked to select one of the cards of the suit. If the card matches, you will receive a doubling of the winnings, and you will again be given the option to double the prize, up to a limit of 20 thousand coins. If you lose the game of chance, you will lose your original reward.

Best tips to maximize your winnings

1. Choose the most optimal rate.

One of the functions of the game is to select the optimal bet, which is approximately equal to 20-25 points per spin. However, big wins do not often happen in the game, so if you bet too big, you increase the risk of losing a lot of money. Therefore, it is better to play with small stakes and aim for more modest winnings, given out much frequency than jackpots.

2. Avoid little bets.

The fact is that with minimal bets, the game does not activate many winning combinations, resulting in which you don’t progress, wasting your precious time.

3. Be careful with the chance game.

One of the easiest ways to maximize your winnings is by playing the odds but think twice. Is it worth the risk, and are you willing to completely lose your already gained rewards? Try not to gamble if your initial winnings are high enough.

4. Pause after a big win.

If you have won several hundred times your initial bet in one spin, stop the game. Immediately after a successful round, the system automatically stops giving out winning combinations for several hours. Unfortunately, many people do not know this moment and continue the game, losing many points. 

5. Don’t quit the game too quickly if you lose.  

The system always initially takes a small part of your deposit, accompanied by several losses in a row. However, after that, there is a moment when the game gives you winning combinations. Thus, start the game with small wagering and gradually increase it. Do not throw huge bets into the air from the first round, or leave without waiting for your lucky moment.


To increase your chances of winning, you should study the rules of the Inferno slots game accurately and follow some tips, especially carefully study what bets to place at a specific moment and be able to weigh all the risks properly. If you take into account all these details, the game will always bring you joy!

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