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The Top 5 Best Superhero Video Games to Play On a Date

In the 21st-century, superheroes are everywhere. We don’t see too many caped figures soaring between skyscrapers, but they’re omnipresent on our TVs or smart device screens. If you love superhero video games, did you know the best place to connect with someone sharing your interest is by going online? Digital dating outlets allow you to interact with fellow gamers by exchanging regular messages. Not only that, they make the process of finding a like-minded person extremely easy. On upforit platform, for example, you can apply special search filters which will allow you to see only those users who mentioned in their profile that they are fans of video gaming. While you chat in this secure setting, you might discuss games to play on a date. Here are five of the most recommended Superhero titles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

You can usually judge how suitable a game would be for entertainment by how popular it happens to be, and this, the second instalment in Marvel’s Spider-Man series of video games is all-conquering. Selling over 6.5 million copies worldwide, you and your partner can be enthralled by the superb third-person perspective as the eponymous hero unlocks a selection of intriguing gadgets to help him defend his new home in Harlem, Manhattan, from Roxxon Energy and his adversary, the Tinkerer.

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The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

One of Marvel’s most widely appreciated characters, The Incredible Hulk, is the classic example of an everyday character-driven to commit superhuman acts. This latest twist in his story will enthral you on your date, as you power your powerfully-built green-skinned protagonist through various fraught situations. You’ll quickly become engrossed in this fabulous and wonderfully realised dimension, unleashing your ability to climb buildings or smash them to rubble. You can even create your arsenal of weaponry.

Infamous Second Son

The Infamous series is centered on what is known as ‘conduits’ in the Marvel universe, three superheroes named Fetch Walker, Cole MacGrath, and Delsin Rowe. Unlike much of the traditional Marvel narrative where the good guys and the bad guys are clearly defined, this trio can decide their destinies, deciding whether to perform good or evil deeds depending on the circumstances. In this third instalment, Rowe acquires further powers as he combats the Department of Unified Protection in a fantastical version of Seattle. Will the outcome be Rowe adopting good or evil as his moral compass? You guys can decide.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the mercenary mutant with the extendable talons? Based on the hugely successful movie version starring Hugh Jackman, Logan has all but retired from the nefarious world he once inhabited and is living a tranquil life with his girlfriend, Kayla. Unfortunately, nothing in the Marvel dimension ever coasts along in neutral for long, and a shady figure from Logan’s past kills Kayla. Reluctantly, Logan must return to his Wolverine persona to seek justice. Coinciding with the release of the movie version, this video game is recommended for your date night.


If you and your partner are both passionate about Superhero video games, there’s every chance you might be a succor for anti-heroes as much as heroes? Deadpool the movie was renowned for Ryan Reynold’s wisecracking performance as the titular hero, and although here he is portrayed by Nolan North, the storyline about joining forces with X-Men and the burly Cable to counter Mister Sinister will provide you with an entertaining backdrop to your date. What makes it so compelling is the combination of humour and inventive plot elements, and the full-blooded hacking and slashing that goes with the third-person shoot-em-up play. The best part? Just like Reynolds’ character in the big-screen version, Deadpool is prone to breaking the fourth wall and chatting to players about how they are progressing.

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