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Remember When “Star Trek” Crossed Over with the X-Men?

Today is the 55th anniversary of “Star Trek” making its premiere on tv. We feel confident in calling it the most influential television series ever, considering just how much Gene Roddenberry‘s vision permeated science, tech, and the inspirational soul of all who watched it. In chatting with some colleagues about “Star Trek,” I was reminded of one of the strangest crossovers featuring the series and Marvel Comics staple the X-Men.

I’m speaking of course of the woefully ignored paperback masterpiece, “Planet X (Star Trek: The Next Generation).”

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This 1998 novel by Michael Jan Friedman is actually the 3rd crossover between the X-Men comic book series and the characters of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” There was a Marvel Comics one shot, Star Trek: The Next Generation X-Men #1, released in 1996. And another version/continuation of the same theme in 1998, Star Trek: The Next Generation / X-Men Second Contact #1.

We just figured reminding you this exists today would be a good idea.

You can actually order the paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon right now. Let us know what you think of it!

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