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Fix Phone Not Detecting Sd Card Problem

There are so many reasons for or having travel within the Smartphone and because of the Travels the phone is unable to detect the SD card for the saved documents within the SD cards as well. First we should fix our phone without detecting the SD card problem. The SD card is used in all the smart phones just to extend the storage of the cell phone. It is a very common name for all of us and everyone knows the usage of it as well. There you may face different types of causes for not working your phone.  The problem might be with your phone not with your SD card.

 If you are unable to access your SD cards, all the documents, files, pictures, videos and other things as well then immediately you should check your phone first. If you find any kind of trouble with your phone not detecting SD card; then solve it immediately, so that you can access all the things that remain on your SD card. 

Best 5 Ways To Fix SD Card Not Detected On Android Phone Problem

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Now here we will offer you some of the best ways through which you can fix your SD card not detected on Android phone problems very easily

Try Several Simple Tricks

If you do want to fix the SD card problem that is not detecting on your Android phone at first you should try different types of several simple tricks that people usually do. You can reboot your Android phone So that the problem might get solved easily. If this simple trick is not working for you and for your phone as well then you should try to remove your phone battery and remove the SD card at the same time as well. Keeping these two things aside for a few times then you will have to place it again in its places individually. 

Clean Your SD Card Lightly

If there is any problem with your SD card then you should take it out and clean your SD card lightly and patiently as well. Time just because of the slight dust that occur on the SD card and remains on the SD card as well. Just because of the dust that we sometimes do not see might be the reason for not working your SD card properly.

Unmount And Remount SD Card

For working the SD card again you can unmount and remount the SD card quickly. This simple trick can fix all the problems of your SD card and help you to run or access the SD card again as well. Therefore whenever you see any kind of problems with your SD card then you should try this simple trick and solve your problem fast.

Use Your Computer To Diagnose

 After all the above mentioned three tricks, if your SD card is still not working then you should diagnose your SD card from your computer as soon as possible to detect the actual reason for not working. with diagnosis you can properly know the main reasons for not working the SD card in your phone or why not your phone get the access over on your SD card as well.

Format SD Card And Repair Hardware Problem

 Lastly we will suggest you to format the SD card once you see none of the tricks are working for you.  Moreover it can be a hardware problem that might be the reason for not working the SD card as well. Hence you should repair your hardware problem as soon as possible to access the SD card again. 

How To Recover And Repair Data From SD Card Not Detected?

Moreover if you still remain unable to detect your SD card then we will suggest you take the help of Wondershare Recoverit software as soon as possible.

 By following some of the simple steps within this software you can again recover and repair all the data from your SD card as well. In addition the software will offer you the feature to recover deleted files in windows 10 as well.

Lastly check out the simple steps which you will have to follow by the Wondershare Recoverit app to recover and repair all the data.

Select The Location

At first you will have to select the location with the help of this amazing software. 

Scan The Location

To repair and recover the data from the SD card at first you will have to scan the location where you have saved your things.

Wait For Scanning

After that you will have to wait for a while to scan the SD card properly.

Preview and Recover Files

Lastly, let the software work automatically to preview and recover all the files from your SD card and restore it as well. 

Closing Words

Therefore, these are some of the ways that you will have to carry forward to have all the things in your SD card or get the access over the SD card as well. 

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