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How To Get Started with Machine Learning?

In today’s fast-paced world, machine learning has become an important method that focuses on tackling tasks successfully carried out by humans. It is one of the most significant parts of computer science that has evolved to be a major tool in driving all kinds of software solutions in the industry. 

Machine learning enables artificial intelligence and makes machines fit for learning experiences without any usage of external tools. If you wonder how you can get into the machine learning field, the first step would be to look for machine learning courses. However, it is important to understand the basics first if you aim to get into the field.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the field of study that helps computers and machines to learn without being programmed explicitly. Its sole purpose is to analyse data that automates analytical model building, and it primarily focuses on identifying patterns and making decisions regarding data analysis without any human intervention.

As a separate field of study, machine learning was born with the idea that computers can learn without being explicitly programmed. While many machine learning techniques have been around for quite a while now, new experiments and researches have been conducted in this field for the last few years, and new methods have evolved in this field over the period. Researchers and scientists experimented with its potential in the field of data interpretation. It is a method that helps computers recognize and learn new, raw data patterns with the help of past reliable and repeatable data results. 

Machine learning is not a new technique. It has been there for quite a few decades now. However, the idea and application of how computers can automatically apply big mathematical calculations to big data so quickly is definitely a recent development in the field.

Why do we need Machine Learning?

Many machine learning methods have been there for many years now. However, new advancements in this field make sure it is possible for machine learning tools to now evaluate and automatically apply large and complex mathematical calculations to big data, which is faster than before. 

There are several fields in machine learning that is heavily used. For creating proper recommendations in applications like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc., machine learning techniques are used to customize users’ experience. 

In the corporate field, machine learning is used extensively to detect fraud and criminal activities and actions. It makes sure the organizational system is free from corrupt external harmful devices and applications.

Financial service sectors like banks and other businesses are using machine learning methods daily to protect their confidential and important organizational information.

Machine learning techniques have a big role to play in the healthcare industry as well. Tracking patients’ health issues, analysing sensor data information, improving diagnoses for the betterment of patients’ health are some of the basic yet major aspects machine learning helps the field with.

Apart from that, even the transportation industry and the oil and gas corporations have to rely on machine learning techniques to predict data failure, streamlining oil distribution, and a plethora of other activities in everyday life.

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Where to learn Machine Learning:

If you aspire to become an expert in the machine learning field, do not refrain from gathering information from as many sources as you can. Here are some ways that you can rely on to enter the machine learning world as a professional. 

  • Focus on mastering the major skills that are essential in this field like mathematics, basic software skills, computer science fundamentals, programming, statistics, linear algebra, multivariate calculus, a programming language like Python, and ML concepts.
  • The primary and the most effective way for you to have an idea of the entire procedure and work on your skills would be to invest in any online or offline course that you think would be a good fit for you. There are a plethora of online courses that you can take into consideration. Machine learning courses with certification facilities will help you hone your already existing skills and give training in new lessons that would be necessary for your journey.
  • Focus on learning all the basic and necessary machine learning algorithms to know exactly where and how machine learning skills should be applied in the real world.
  • Focus on learning and practising real datasets and different models. As much as you will practice, it will help you become more efficient in the field.
  • Everything is available online these days. If you are a beginner and want to get into the industry in the future, use the internet and learn about the skills you need to work on and new skills that you have to learn. However, if you have certain skills and want to have professional exposure, enrol in a course.
  • Books can be a great source of knowledge irrespective of your age. If you love reading books, get your hands on some machine learning guide books like The Hundred Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher Bishop, etc.

Also, Ebooks are available these days for almost all the best books in the market. You can even download a few books if that is what you are comfortable with.

  • Network with professionals who are already working in this field. Talk to your classmates/ friends, juniors/seniors who share your goals or are already making efforts to become professionals in the machine learning field. You will get some amazing first-hand experiences and stories that will eventually help you with your journey and make it easier for you to handle hardships along the way.
  • Take part in online and offline quizzes and competitions to polish your skills. It might seem a bit intimidating at the beginning. However, with time and more practice, you will land up in a comfortable situation in the future that will help you in your journey.
  • Choosing a good mentor can also have an immense impact on your journey. They will guide you, give advice and take you through their journey. The more you seek advice, the more you will learn in your journey. 

Having said that, it would be great if you gather as much experience as you can from your courses, readings, quizzes, books, and internships, and entry-level jobs so that it comes in handy when you join the field as a professional in the future.


Machine learning is a vital field of computer science that has made it possible for machines to analyse, understand and evaluate past human experiences and make decisions accordingly without any external tools. This technological development, that is machine learning, has been doing wonders in the software field, which led to many job opportunities for the country’s youth. However, before applying for internships and jobs, one needs to make sure they have all the skills necessary for the field. Keeping the above mentioned points in mind would be beneficial for anyone who is an aspiring machine learning expert.


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