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What Benefit Can A Verified Twitch Streamer Badge Bring To You: All You Need To Know About It

With the advent of digitalization and large access to media networks, sharing of information along with sharing of screens with the fans and subscribers has become a daily routine task for some. Several platforms are used for this purpose providing its users with fascinating monetary and popularity-based facilities. Twitch is one such platform where twitch streamers broadcast their gameplay through sharing of their screen. This platform allows both free and paid users. 

Moreover, the most popular feature of this platform is its verified Twitch streamer badge. Designed with a white checkmark in the center of a purple octagon. Giving its users amazing benefits and new opportunities to explore their abilities. In this article, we are going to highlight those benefits which this badge brings to you after you become a twitch partner with an account holding this desirable badge besides its. Elucidating the fact why twitch users are eager to win this verification badge.

Benefits Of Twitch Verified Badge

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Twitch, a live streaming platform where the gamers and the lifestyle caster share their experience with their fans is a broad spectrum one. Twitch verified batch, however, is a way to encourage the user’s work and to boost the speed of their streamings. Therefore, bringing more subscribers to the channel. The twitch badge was first introduced in 2017 along with the announcement of the twitch affiliate program. However, the procedure to achieve these badges is divided into various steps that need consistent efforts of the streamers. As the benefits given to this twitch partner after achieving the badge are wonderful.

Allow Access To A Priority Support Team

As soon as you become a twitch verified partner a partner support team becomes active to help and assist you in all your matters. Moreover, you also become free to ask any question related to the twitch policies or their uses. Therefore, assisting you to clear all your ambiguities related to this platform within 1 to 2 days was not possible otherwise. 

Let You Collaborate With Online Teams

A twitch partner is given the special power to build their online teams. Arrange online collaborative sessions. Where any twitch user can participate in the team if they get an invitation from your side.

Provides Monetizing Opportunities

Other than the opportunities of being a verified twitch partner include the wide chances to build revenue after becoming a twitch partner. Some of these are mentioned below 

  • Earn From Subscriptions

This is done when twitch partners start to accept the subscriptions to their channels. Many options are ranging from $ 4 to $ 24 or Twitch prime. Twitch Prime benefits when the users pay from their amazon paid services.

  • Ads Revenue Collection

After you become a twitch partner, you are provided with access to your account dashboard, letting you manage and upload video Ads on your channel. Allowing you to either become a brand ambassador or earn per click revenue. 

  • Bits

More subscribers mean more audience and more ways to earn revenue. In such a way is selling animated emotes mostly used in chats or cheering of the bits. A commonly utilized feature by the visitors of the channel.

  • Game Marketing

A live streamer platform where you can play games is one of the best ways to advertise games. As the likelihood to hit the target audience is more than that of any other platform. The link of the game you played and showed to your viewer will appear on your channel. Directing the viewers to directly reach the store to buy it. Therefore, playing a vital role in the game advertisement process.

One can become the verified twitch partner by a few simple steps starting from being an affiliate partner and continuing to increase the streaming process. The reason behind following the lengthy procedure is the prestigious stats and the vast facilities given to a twitch partner, as explained above. However, here is a disclaimer that the selection criteria of the twitch partner and allotment of its badge are in accordance with the twitch policies. Which may sometimes become a hard nut to crack.

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