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Entire “Breath Of The Wild” Map is Being Created in Minecraft

While my daughter may not be able to fully enjoy Zelda Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch quite yet, she will be able to play through the world very soon. A player by the name of Dinaeh is creating the entire map of BOTW in Minecraft and intends to release it very soon.

The above image was posted with promise to release the playable map very soon. The world is being created with a program called World Painter and is 1:2 the scale of the original map of the game. Dineah reportedly wants to work with other creators to build in depth shrines and ruins to make the map more complete. As far as the topography goes, it’s pretty spot on.

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For me this is really exciting because like I mentioned before it’s going to be playable for kids. And that means I can play alongside my daughter without having to worry about my actual game save. We’ll let you know when we find this on Minecraft, stay tuned!

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