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Potty Piano Makes Going to the Bathroom a Musical Experience

That’s right- there is a potty piano that you can put near your toilet and jam out some tunes. Because that’s the thing you want to be doing while on the toilet doing your business right? Making up a little song about the deed you’re doing? I imagine lyrics being something about dropping the kids off at the pool.

This is available on Amazon, and it would make a great prank gift for anyone this Christmas. If you know someone who’s musical, then this is the gift for them. Maybe they can just use it to cover the sound of their usual bathroom…”music?”

Or maybe they will actually write that number one hit song and have a most interesting story to tell.

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Best part is that this comes with a music book. So not only can you just mess around but you can also actually learn some piano songs. It’s kind of like keeping a book in the bathroom. To be honest that’s the best place to keep them because they will surely be read.

Check out the listing on Amazon for this awesome Potty Piano. And let us know if you end up composing any songs we hear on the future radio!

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