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Godzilla Hawaiian Shirts are Here Just in Time For Summer

Godzilla vs Kong” proved itself to be one of the major movies that rejuvenated theaters after they were closed for nearly a year.  Earlier in the year, the movie was considered a box office hit, earning $459.5 million worldwide.  After the film, Godzilla went into a slump and laid low.  However, the King of the Monsters is making a reappearance in the form of a Hawaiian shirt by Reyn Spooner.  

And with summer fully underway, it’s the perfect time to bust out the flip flops, shorts, with a Godzilla Hawaiian shirt to top off the beach ensemble. 

The limited-edition shirt debuted recently in the Spooner Kloth style.  The shirt features Godzilla displaying his full powers, setting buildings aflame and stomping on beaches.  Mothra is also there, checking on her friend.  

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“We’re excited to debut this limited-edition design collaboration paying homage to Godzilla, an icon of pop culture.”

“For this print, we took inspiration from the early movies that were set in Japan: Godzilla (1954), Godzilla Raids Again (1955), and Mothra vs Godzilla (1964). Scenes from these movies have been re-created by our artists in amazingly detailed paintings. Inspiration for the Godzilla print started with a trip back in time to 1954. The design team dove into old photos from the Godzilla movies and comic books to create a mood board that would set the stage for the Reyn Spooner meets Godzilla print,” the company explained. 

The Godzilla shirt is available as a button down, pullover, or tailored.  There are also two color choices: khaki and grey.

For those interested in purchasing this limited edition shirt, it is currently available in the khaki color as a button down and pullover, but only in a few select sizes.  As for Godzilla in grey, it is in stock only in the pullover fashion for the size XXS.  Prices start at $120.  Make sure to check out the site before they fully run out! 

Reyn Spooner’s website also features a multitude of other products such as hats, sarongs, shorts, and much more.  Their products are perfect for embracing the island spirit, as well as summer! 

What do you think about the shirt?  Would you get one?  

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