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An ‘Animal Crossing’ Themed Monopoly Is Coming!

An “Animal Crossing” version of Monopoly is coming. This may not be exciting to some, but for me I have this grand idea that I’ll be able to pull one over on the overlord Tom Nook. That’s right the tanuki that makes you pay to come to his island, build your house and then work and pay for other residents will meet his demise. Finally. That’s of course after I deem my husband to be Tom Nook and win the game while he pays me rent for properties..mwahahaha!!!

Ok now that I’ve gotten that bit of crazy out here’s the details…

Entertainment Earth has this on their site available for pre-order. It comes out in August, and it has some of the most adorable meeples! You can see players are all humanoid islanders. Lucky for me, I have some cool Amiibos that I’ll be using instead. I’ll be damned if I can’t play as Isabel. In order to win the game you have to earn nook miles. So I guess that Tom Nook in this game is the banking system, in which case I may have to rethink my plan.

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Entertainment Earth‘s description of the game:

Hey there, gamer! It’s time to take a break from the game console and share your love for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with your family and friends gathered around this fun and exciting Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game. Customized to the super-popular game from Nintendo, it brings you villager tokens and new ways to play, with collecting and world-building and of course… bells. Roll the special die to see what surprises await you under every Animal Crossing-themed card. There’s also a Nook’s Cranny die that determines which type of resources can be sold. Play and watch as your island grows into something amazing! 2 to 4 players. Ages 8 and up.

In this Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game, kids and adults can enjoy island life and immerse themselves in the colorful and creative world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After your first trip around the board, you choose a Skill card with an ability you can use throughout the game. Moving around the board with custom tokens inspired by the video game, you complete island tasks and meet other characters. Instead of buying properties and paying rent, you collect bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit. You can also stop at Nook’s Cranny and cash in Bells to buy decorations. These decorations are worth Nook Miles, and the player with the most Nook Miles wins the game!

Pre order your own Animal Crossing Monopoly here.

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