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Top 5 The Most Expensive M4A4 Skins

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game was launched 8 years ago and is still extremely popular. In the long run, the game has its own skin market. While some of these items are really expensive, there’s no doubt that they can change the game for the better. If you are looking for the most expensive and precious M4A4 skins, then keep reading this post. We have covered them for you. 

#1 — M4A4 Howl

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This M4A4 skin was added to the game on May 1, 2014, as part of the “Hunting Collection” released together with the “The Hunt Begins” update. The skin design is made in red and black colors. On the central part of the body of the rifle, there is an image of a wolf’s head with a wide-open mouth. The image of the wolf’s head is colored using an orange-white gradient. On other parts of the case, there is a pattern of red tongues of flame. The handle is painted in solid red. This skin costs $11,992.50 and is one of the most expensive in-game items today.

#2 – M4A4 Poseidon

The Poseidon skin is part of the “Gods and Monsters Collection” and has been available in the game since May 26, 2015. The body of the rifle is covered with dark turquoise paint, with an image of Poseidon and two sea monsters on it. Although many believe that regular skins are cheaper than souvenir ones, this M4A4 item is an exception. The price for this item is over $5,000.

#3 – M4A4 Radiation Hazard

The M4A4 Radiation Hazard skin has been available in the game since August 14, 2013. The asset was added to the game along with the Nuke Collection release. If you want to get this bright rifle, then you will have to pay no less than $200. Anyway, this weapon is definitely worth your investment.  

#4 – M4A4 Modern Hunter

The Modern Hunter skin was added to the game on August 14, 2013, and is on the list of top expensive in-game assets. Although this M4A4 skin was quite popular after the release, its popularity has noticeably decreased over time. Therefore, today the skin is quite rare in the game and will cost you around $200.

#5 – M4A4 The Emperor

This M4A4 skin was added to the game on March 14, 2019, and is part of the “Prism Collection.” The skin design is based on the Emperor Tarot card. The body of the rifle is painted in different shades of blue. The central part of the weapon is decorated with an image of a gray-haired man wearing a crown. This M4A4 Emperor skin belongs to the “Secret” quality skins and is available in a game version with a StatTrak counter. If you hack $135 on your gaming budget, then this precious skin can be yours.

Where Can You Find Skins?

In case you want to add another precious item to your collection, then you should definitely check gaming collections on DMarket. It is a popular marketplace where millions of gamers from around the globe trade NFT and virtual in-game items. Feel free to check what’s currently on offer and make your best investment ever.

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