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Upcoming Games For 2021

We can all safely say that 2020 wasn’t the best time for us. Indeed, many people turned to games when forced to stay indoors. From Animal Crossing to Microsoft Flight Simulator, there were some cracking games for everyone, but how about 2021? Can we expect the same top-notch gaming for many months to come? Fortunately, there is good reason to feel optimistic, as there are some terrific titles to get excited about. We’ll be exploring the best future releases. Will you be slaying enemies in Back 4 Blood? Let’s find out more about what 2021 has in store.


Mario Golf – Super Rush

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Available: June 25th 2021

Marvel in the world of golf with a captivating story mode to play through. Soon to be released for Nintendo Switch, your favourite characters will compete in unique challenges. You can power them up as you play, earning new stats for your characters. Perhaps our favourite thing about it is that you’ll be able to use motion controls!

Eye of Horus

Available: Sometime this June

Who said gaming needs to be restricted to expensive consoles? For those looking for a real-time game release app treat, Eye of Horus is a neat new slot game with an Egyptian feel. With several crazy esoteric symbols and riveting graphics, it will entertain anybody for hours. Will you be as lucky as the ancient God of Horus?

Solar Ash

Available: This June

Coming to PS4, 5, and the PC, players will go on a journey through rifts in space. It’s a game that offers a stylized, surreal, and highly vivid world. It is quite a personal game, with character design the likes of which we’ve never seen!

Little Devil Inside

Available: This July

This is an RPG that we can’t wait to play. It initially started as a crowdfunded project, and will now be a game release for PS and most gaming platforms. Set in Victorian times, it’s a survival RPG with a playful sense of humour that will make it on any game release list. Slay all sorts of bizarre and fantastical monsters, with super sharp graphics!

Back 4 Blood

Available: October 12th 2021

The theme of zombie madness is as old as time, but if you think it’s easy to get boring, then think again! This is one blood-soaked zombie experience that will be beautifully chaotic. If you were to compare game release notes, this one features all the great humour and style of Left 4 Dead games but with added modern touches of brutality and violence. Overall, it will be incredibly engaging.


Life Is Strange

Available: September 10th 2021

For those familiar with its predecessors, the third installment “True Colors” will be the latest in the sought after Life Is Strange adventure series. You will go on a story following a woman with a dark past, abused in foster homes, who is longing to find out about her brother’s death. Engage in psychic powers, manipulate people’s emotions, and much more to search through the mystery and uncover the ultimate truth.

Every game release packs a punch

Now you’ve read our game release for 2021 list, we hope you’re as excited as we are! There are some seriously good ones to play. As this year is sure to be more positive, gaming will get better, too. Enjoy every new game release for many years to come.

What’s on your list? Do you have any game release dates planned in the diary? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Today’s writer Jeremy Ambrose knows everything about game release news. One might call him a complete gaming nerd! Jeremy has an impressive collection of every Nintendo console ever released. A fan of the old school, his all-time favourite games are Doom, Eye of Horus Tricks and Wolfenstein.

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