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Importance of Packaging to Influence Children

Attractive packaging for children has been a part of the marketing of food and different products for years. Various studies have proven that the choice of products by children is greatly influenced by the design of the packaging. So, companies pay special attention to packaging designs. Confectionaries are among the favorite products of children. So, companies in today’s cutthroat competitive world prepare unique packaging to stand out. This also includes custom candy boxes that can be used as gifts on birthdays and many special occasions. 

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What Attracts the Children the Most?

Children are not familiar with consumer awareness or brand marketing. So, the first thing that grabs the kid’s attention is the visual of any product. Then, they are attracted to vibrant color images or cartoon characters. Some cartoon characters can be imaginary, but the most effective ones are characters from famous animated movies. 

Other than the visual, the different styles of opening or closing of the packaging, various designs of straws influence the children more. Also, the chance of winning any toy or card in the packaging influences the child to buy the product.Ice creams are not only everyone’s favorite, but also, they are temperature sensitive. Special ice cream boxes with attractive colors and icons to attract children are manufactured for decorative and safe packaging.

How can brand Packaging be Relatable to Kids?

When a brand creates its image for colorful and attractive packaging, it establishes a relationship between the kid and the brand. Even at a very early age, the babies start to recognize their favorite brands through packaging. And with years, kids adhere to that specific brand. This might seem a little thing, but packaging can prove to be highly profitable to the retailers. People usually like to buy from the same brand even at an adult age because of childhood trust or nostalgia.  

How is Packaging Important?

The packaging may include every feature of the brand experience. In short, the packaging is the face of your business. It will facilitate you in building customer/brand relationships. Visual Persuasion

According to a Canadian study, the four prominent colors in food packaging are red, blue, yellow, and green. In addition, the researchers observed that about 85% of famous food products used fonts and graphics related to cartoon imagery. 

Packaging has different effects on different customers. For example, some kids usually respond positively to cross-promotion, while some kids are more affected by the visual qualities of the packages, especially the color.

It has also been observed that brand names have a great influence on children’s food packaging. The study has shown that young children are more likely to prefer a familiar brand like McDonald’s than any other brand that produces the same type of food. And it is surprising to know that, if any kind of food is given to the kid in McDonald’s packaging, he will like it even if it is vegetable. 

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·      Looks Attractive

When you’re choosing a package to attract the customer, it should be something that will look attractive to them. For that, you will choose the colors of the pattern and design everything according to what children like. For instance, they are into cartoons a lot, and that is what looks attractive to them. You can make such packaging that attracts kids from afar. The colors used should stand out; the pattern you have chosen should be different and unique. And that is how the packaging looks attractive. A product’s packaging is like its first impression. When its outer side is compelling, then you have won the game. OBT Packaging, with its state-of-the-art technology, manufactures aesthetically pleasing and premium quality packaging with fast delivery and as per the client’s requirement

What Tools Can be Helpful?

It is said that every company, every product, needs a different package. Attracted by the packaging, a child expresses his interests to his parents in the form of a request. The parents may approve the request, and then the child tries the product. If the child likes it, the product will be endorsed by the parents. In this way, an emotional connection is formed. Revitalization is the most important, ongoing step that keeps the product relevant and preferred by the customers over alternatives. At the end of this process, an enduring relationship is formed that is beneficial for everyone involved. Ice cream boxes are manufactured keeping in mind the consumer’s appeal, in this case: a child’s appeal, interest, and preferences. Manufacturers, besides visually attractiveness, can also focus on the health benefits of the ice cream on the packaging, e.g., stating that its source of protein is effective for bones and teeth. 

Nowadays, the tools have been evolved. But they work on the same old “4 Ps”: Product, Packaging, Promotion, and Positioning. Our daily life experience shows that these tools have helped increase sales by efficiently reaching the audiences they pursue. In return, their targeted audiences come to expect personalization from that brand.

For effective kids’ marketing, all these tools are applicable. Consider the packaging, for example. Nowadays, the products and packages show their customers’ changing expectations and the trends that affect them. Custom candy boxes are a great choice to ensure your candies’ safety and promote the brand as they would be customized according to the brand’s specifications.  Many online websites provide packaging boxes to suppliers and wholesalers. OBT Packaging enables its customers to have the best packaging for their products with unique ideas to create a good brand image. 

Years ago, it was suggested that packaging in all categories would benefit from the communication style of toy packaging. And today, it is realized by everyone. Different mass retailer stores have proven this fact. You will find dynamic graphics, exciting colors appearing on literally every package in most categories. The use of white, simple, and clean background has been reduced.

A recent example is the cleaning products category. The packaging is now visually exciting and dynamic for these products when it is pure and simple. Modern world realities and recent trends have now transformed many brands successfully.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt in saying that packaging has a huge impact on the choices made by children. Many brands have created their images in kids’ minds, which has gained them a lot of profit. The packaging influence has benefited the retailers and enabled the parents to feed their children with healthy meal wrap in the kid’s favorite packaging. 

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