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Bad Construction: Condo Swimming Pool Collapses Into Parking Garage

Video footage of a condominium’s swimming pool bottoming out into the parking garage has started to go viral online. The event took place on April 22nd in a luxury apartment complex in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. In the video, you can see security camera footage of the pool above. Everything looks fine when the water starts to disappear and the entire bottom is missing. Thank goodness no one was swimming in it at the time.


Water can then be seen as the camera footage switches to the parking garage.

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It’s no surprise that the parking garage was flooded. It’s pretty obvious that construction on the pool was not sound, and the steel at the bottom of the pool was not reinforced. 

The constuction manager said that the steel beams that would have secured the bottom of the pool to the rest of the structure had not been properly installed or braced.

When the pool collapsed, the residents felt a jolt and many of them were startled. They ended up evacuating the premises due to the strong smell of gas coming from the pool area. The pool which was heated was leaking gas and was a risk of explosion.

Though the ceiling for the car garage is now sagging they say there is no risk of it collapsing. If I lived there however, I’d probably park somewhere else. And be looking for a new place to live because who knows how many corners were cut.

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