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Rumor: Wookiees May Be Featured in “The Mandalorian” Season 3

The Mandalorian” will forever keep us coming back. Last season we said goodbye to our small friend Grogu (Baby Yoda) and we weren’t quite sure how the show could go on. Bespin Bulletin claims that a wookiee or wookiees will be included in season three and we’re back in it!

In their post, Bespin Bulletin details:

“Last year I heard rumors that a Wookiee or Wookiees may appear in The Mandalorian. I’ve heard of a Wookie showing up again as of late from a secondary source and even saw proof that a Wookiee might be appearing in “The Mandalorian” season 3 from a new source. I don’t know if the Wookiee is of any significance, if it’s a character we’re familiar with, or if even just a background character. Just thought it was worth mentioning as we all love a fuzzball.”

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We’re labeling this as a rumor since this is the only source. Also, a source we’ve never heard of? So. With this rumor we’re not sure if it will be Chewie himself or one of his relatives. It may imply that Din Djarin goes on a mission to Kashyyyk, home planet of the Wookiee. Either way we hope it’s true.

One of the last major battles of “The Clone Wars” took place on Kashyyk. Chewbacca helped to get Yoda off the planet after his Clone Troopers turned on him during Order 66. It was after this that the entire Wookie race is enslaved. With Chewbacca being one of only a handful of liberated Wookiees in the entire galaxy it could be that we see him in season 3.

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That story line more in the Aftermath book series.

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