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“Jurassic Park” Mr. Hammond and Dennis Nedry Get TUBBZ Treatment

One of our favorite films “Jurassic Park” is going to get a bathtub set! Tubbz, who’s made rubber ducks for “Lord of the Rings“, “Ghostbusters“, and more is releasing two ducks to start. John Hammond and Dennis Nedry. What’s great is you can get pretty much any dinosaur set and play along. And we’ll be keeping an eye out for that Dr. Ian Malcolm duck in the future.

I can’t help but imagine getting a Dilophosaurus and a black bath bomb and pretend it’s the stuff he squirts Nedry in the face with. Mwahaha.

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John Hammond – the creator of “Jurassic Park” has earned his place in the duck pond.  He’s instantly recognisable with his signature straw hat, white shirt, glasses, beard and walking stick.  We would know him anywhere – even as a duck.

Dennis Nedry – there’s no mistaking Dennis the Duck in his trademark black glasses, “Jurassic Park” uniform, plus security tag complete with his new duck face, and he’s carrying the Barbasol can – let’s hope he’s not sneaking any dinosaur embryos into the duck pond!

These “Jurassic Park” ducks are available for pre-order on

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