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Applications That Attract New Patients and Keep them Coming Back

Having patients come at your doorstep is one thing, keeping them satisfied is another task. Through the help of technology and innovation, we have now come to the age where even Marketing can be automated. There are now new-developed applications and sites, like that can help businesses grow and prosper in this new normal. is an automated marketing platform that can help attract new patients and even keep them using your products and services. Listed down below are the functionalities of the platform that are very beneficial to whatever business or industry you are in.

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Online appointment booking allows patients to choose to set the appointments at the comfort of their homes. It is accessible through your customized web page which you can easily link in your social media platforms. It gives patients the ability to create their own schedule, choose for their service provider in just a click away. It can also save the time and energy of both your staff and the patient in exchanging phone calls to set appointments.

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Automated appointment reminders

Not only does the system enable patients to schedule their appointments online, it also provides automated appointment reminders. These reminders are received by patients who successfully set their appointments through the online appointment booking platform. These appointment reminders can be received by patients either by email, mobile application or the live desktop application. Through the help of this reminder, it can be guaranteed that patients will not miss their schedule. With the convenience offered by this, it can also help you keep patients subscribed to your services.

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Patient feedback

Getting patient feedback in a hassle-free way can also be made possible through It provides a platform to easily request for feedback from patients. After scheduling an appointment, sending out reminders, it can easily ask for feedback which will not inconvenience the patient. These feedback from patients can be used across social media to boost your presence and provide a good reputation to your branding especially to the services you provide.

Email Marketing

Another feature of that can help you attract and keep patients is its email marketing feature. This is a process where the system sends out emails to patients in the database to keep them in-touch with your latest services, innovations, and promotions. Through this, you can send out discount coupons or your special offers to patients. You can also utilize this email marketing functionality of the system in sending out helpful information to your patients regarding the services you provide. Through this kind of exposure, you can ensure that you are always in the list of their options.

Marketing across social media

If your business is not yet on social media, it cannot really compete and survive the competitive market. Social media presence is an important factor to consider to help your business grow and your patients satisfied. The system can also help boost your branding on social media. You can easily link the online appointment booking by Demandforce across your social media accounts. This way, you can reach more patients and inform them about your online appointment booking service. It can also improve your branding and visibility through the feedback received from patients.

This tool is a platform that can help you attract new customers and keep them in subscribing to your services. It can also increase customer satisfaction through the efficiency of the online appointment booking platform. It also helps in improving customer engagement through the automated appointment reminders and by the emails they can receive from you. It is truly a helpful tool in growing your business and keeping your patients satisfied.

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