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How Online Casinos Attract And Retain Players

If you operate in the online casino industry, you’ll know it’s a battlefield out there.

According to the publisher Research and Markets, who have published a report called “Analyzing the Global Online Gambling Industry 2020”, around 51% of the world’s population engages in some type of gambling each year

That means there are rich pickings to be had for the online casinos. Operators will try every ethical trick they know to bring players in through their digital doors and keep the players coming through. 

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This post looks at some of the techniques online casinos use, taking Draft Kings as an example of an operator that implements some of these practices.

Tried and trusted ways of attracting new players

Draft Kings, for example, offers a regulated and safe online casino to play casino games on the internet. Like other operators, the operator runs special offers to persuade players to game on their site. 

For instance, if you’re making your first deposit in your online account, the operator will match the deposit dollar for dollar up to as much as $1,500. That means you’ll have an extra $1,500 to spend at the casino. 

The company also runs a “Refer-A-Friend” promotion. All you’ve got to do is invite a friend to play at the casino, and then Draft Kings will reward each of you with $100 to play at the casino. 

The operator may also splash out a few dollars for people who choose to play a Live Dealer game on the site.

What other techniques do online casinos use?

Bonuses are an attractive way to get people playing on a site, but they’re not the only way and casinos have a host of other tricks. They’ll adopt some or all the approaches below.


Variety is a massive factor in the popularity of online casinos. Players want variety. This is the reason you can enter an online casino and find several different versions of poker, rather than just the standard five-card draw, or of other classic table games. 

The demand for variety rings especially true in the world of slots. Games designers will come up with lots of interesting themes and create them with catchy music, crisp graphics, and generally excellent gameplay. Slot operators cater for all tastes, from those who want standard old-school slot classics, such as Starburst, through to those who want slots with superhero themes, music themes, TV show themes, or something else. 

You want it; you’ll find it. If ever you get bored of one slot, you can choose from the operator’s wide selection of other slots.

High payout percentages

One of the trump cards that online casinos have up their sleeves is that of high payouts. Players want to win, and win big, so games that have a return-to-player (RTP) percentage of 95% or more are high in demand. 

If a slot has an RTP of 96.10%, that means that, theoretically, you bet $100 and win $96.10. The key phrase here is “could” because that’s what you could win in time. A common mistake is to think you’ll win this for every $100 you spend, but it is just that: a mistake. You won’t necessarily win it just a few spins.

Customized bonuses

Who doesn’t love a bonus? Even if it’s just a few dollars, why not take it?

Online casino operators know this, and once you become a regular player, some will start to offer you customized bonuses. If you tend to play more blackjack than other games, they’ll note this and offer you blackjack bonuses, whereas if you play other games more, you’ll get bonuses in them. 

If you’re new to a site, the operator may give you something for nothing, of course, in the form of a no deposit bonus. Basically, you can start playing straight away without paying into your account. Others, such as Draft Kings, mentioned above, may offer a first deposit bonus

Live customer service 24 hours a day

Now, casinos operate chatbots to assist players with any queries. A while ago, they cottoned on to the fact that players found a lack of support, or a limited one, frustrating, and decided to put it right.

So now you can receive live customer service around the clock. If you do have an issue of any kind, a chatbot will help you out, attending to you quickly so you can resume playing as swiftly as possible. 

Establishment of trust

Trust is an issue when it comes to making any sort of payment online, not just in the case of online casinos. Operators, however, have spent considerable time and resources into assuring players it’s safe to play on their site and, generally, into building their reputation as a reliable gaming service operator.

They do this by displaying clearly any associations with industry bodies or seals of approval from gaming site orders. Another way they earn the trust of anyone who is thinking of using the site, or is already using the site, is by using special data encryption methods to protect the personal details of their customers and keep them secure.

Online casino operators provide their services in a highly competitive market. At the same time, however, the market is one in which they can use lots of different approaches to win new customers and keep their existing ones happy. Even if one does exit through the doors, never to return, there’s often someone who can take their place.

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