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How to Deal With Problem Customers: 1991 Nintendo Training Video

Working in retail has it’s ups and downs. One of those major downs however is dealing with problem customers. You know the ones I mean.. either they come in ready to fight or feign stupidity so you do something for them. Well Nintendo wanted their retail employees to be prepared for them so they put out a training video in 1991.

Thanks to Randy Cornetta on YouTube, we can now watch it in its full glory.

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They go over all kinds of issues that the customer has and how you should remain calm and explain things as best you can. Some of these customers are just.. Well the first guy who brings in his console that his kids broke. I mean just look at it…

Then when asked if something was spilled on it he was like “They’re good kids.” Sorry bud, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. And honestly I would have had a hard time looking at the sad state that this classic NES was in upon arrival.

The video goes over all kinds of solutions but one thing I didn’t hear which was always my go to fix was “Have you tried blowing on it?” Anyone who owned an NES would remember that that was the way you got the dust out of the cartridge. Unless you were fancy and had rubbing alcohol and some q-tips.

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