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Snuggle Up With This Adorable Predator Plush!

There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. It’s this adorable Predator plushie!

Abalaba on Etsy

Abalaba on Etsy is selling this plush along with many others that may tickle the horror fan’s fancy. This one in particular is our favorite and will definitely be finding a home on our movie shelf.

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The one shown above is made head to toe to look like Predator. But they also offer a cute teddy bear version that can be seen below.

Abalaba on Etsy

These are shipped from Russia so if you want to make sure you get it before Christmas you should get them now. The more elaborate version is going for a bit over $400 but the teddy bear version is only $150. And I use the term “Only” when comparing it to the higher price. I know it’s still expensive. But even so, it’s something that your friend/spouse/partner definitely won’t have in their collection. And they will cherish it forever.

Check out all of Abalaba’s toy collection on Etsy by clicking the link here.

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