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Best Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 Tricks

Adobe’s latest incarnation of Photoshop-the Adobe Photoshop CC 2020  is full of exciting new features. It is one of the most resourceful photo manipulation tools in the world, but you can’t expect to use it to its full extent, without getting familiar with the sleek tricks that would give you an extra edge. 

Gambling at the best online casino will not guarantee you success unless you deploy the right tactics. Similarly, you would not be able to do the best work with Photoshop without knowing about the plethora of hidden features the new version has to offer. 

If you have been looking for some nifty Photoshop tricks, then you should spare some time from your online gry hazardowe pursuits and give this article a read. In this piece, we will introduce you to some Adobe Photoshop tricks that would elevate your Photoshop game to a whole new level.

Whiten Up Your Smile

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with pearly white teeth. So, when we look at old photographs, we often wish if our teeth had looked a bit whiter. 

While getting a set of sparkling white teeth would require an appointment to the dentist’s office, you could whiten your teeth easily on photographs using Photoshop CC’s layer adjustment and vibrance tools. 

Step 1. Click the layer option.

Step 2. Go to New Adjustment Layer.

Step 3. Go to vibrance.

Step 4. Lower the vibrance value. Set it at -60.

Step 5. Select Vibrance Layer from the Layers panel

Step 6. Select Layer Mask.

Step 7. Press Ctrl+I. This would hide the changes you have made to the Vibrance Layer and fill up the layer mask. 

Step 8. Select the brush tool. Set the opacity at 50%. 

Step9. Use the brush to paint on the teeth you want to whiten. 

Merge Multiple Layers Into A Single One

If you work frequently with Photoshop, then you would be able to relate to the irksome experience of ending up with dozens of layers. It would be way more convenient if you could merge all these layers into a single one. Well, guess what? Photoshop does allow you to do that!

Step 1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E

That’s all you need to do! With those key sequences, all your layers would morph into a single entity. 

Rotate View

If you are not familiar with the rotate view option, then we would say you have overlooked one of the most interesting Photoshop options there is. In certain scenarios, you would like to rotate the photo to a certain degree, instead of making pre-set 90-degree movements. 

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Step 1. Press R. This would give you direct access to the rotate view tool. You can also access this feature through the hand tool. But, one-key access is much simpler. 

Step 2. Pull the cursor clockwise or counter-clockwise on the display. This would make the photo move in the same direction as well. 

Step 3. If you want to bring the photo back to its original position after rotating, then simply click the reset view option.

Adjust Layer Opacity

To adjust layer opacity, you can use the layer opacity slider, but changing opacity numbers using the hotkey is much easier. Click the move tool and click any number on the number pad to gain access to the hotkey. 

Let’s break it down with an example. If you need to reset the opacity levels to 20%, then all you need to do is select the move tool and press 2. To set the levels at 40%, select move and then 4. 

What about setting a number that is not divisible by 10? 48%, for instance. How would you input that? 

To get 48% opacity, select the move tool, and input the numbers 4 and 8 in rapid succession. 

Select Layers

Step 1. Select the desired layer from the layers panel.

Step 2. If you want to select another layer that lies above the layer you have currently selected, press Alt+]

Step 3. If you want to select another layer that lies below the highlighted layer, then press Alt+[

Move Layers

Step 1. If you want to move a layer up, select it and press Ctrl+]

Step 2. If you want to move a layer down, select it and press Ctrl+[

Don’t Like Pixels? Change It

Pixel is the default unit of measurement in Photoshop. You would have to analyze the changes you have been making to the photo in pixels. However, there is an option to change it to a different unit, if you don’t feel like using it. 

Step 1. Select view.

Step 2. Go to rulers.

Step 3. Right-click wherever you like. A pop-up menu would appear.

Step 4. Choose your preferred unit of measurement. 

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