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Dr. Pepper Shortage Latest Victim of 2020

In some very upsetting news for Dr. Pepper drinkers they announced on twitter that there is in fact a shortage of one of our favorite beverages. You may have noticed that Dr. Pepper seems scarce on the shelf and that is due to a couple of things. Because COVID is hitting manufacturing plants in unexpected ways, aluminium cans are hard to come by. Which makes it hard to package the product and keep it on shelves.

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That means that all flavors of Dr. Pepper are being affected which is a double whammy for people like me who are currently on a special diet.. (can’t have sugar) and depend on Diet Dr. Pepper to get by. They say that they are doing everything they can to keep the product stocked but also appreciate our patience. Also hopefully they will be able to keep 2 liters stocked for those of us who can’t live without.

I don’t know about you but this just might be worse than the toilet paper shortage… at least for me.

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