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Artist Pours Molten Aluminum Inside Ant Hills and Gets the Most Amazing Sculptures

An artist channel going by the name of Anthill Art on YouTube has been sharing some of the most amazing sculptures. They pour molten aluminum inside ant hills and detail all the nooks and crannies inside the structure. The results are nothing less than breathtaking.

Anthill Art has a number of these finished castings available to view on their website and Instagram. They intricately showcase what amazing work ants do and are very beautiful stand alone art pieces. They have had their work on display in America, Tokyo and France. You can see where they are displaying work currently by clicking here.

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Unfortunately none of their social media pages gave a name for the mind behind these sculptures but if anyone wants to come forward I would happily amend this article. I’m not sure if it’s one person or many behind Anthill Art but one thing is for certain. The world is a much more beautiful place thanks to them.

It’s really amazing Ants don’t get lost! Watch the video above to see them detail what it’s like inside one of their castings.

You can follow Anthill Art on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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