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Missouri Man Arrested For Making Death Threats Dressed as the Joker

A 48 year old Missouri man has been arrested on five accounts of making a criminal threat. He was dressed as the Joker in his Facebook live stream where he made the threats. He admits that it was purely for attention because he intends to “take over the world”. Police in University City, MO, picked up Jeremy J. Garnier yesterday, and Garnier is currently being held without bail.

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“Yes, I’m doing this for attention, but the attention I seek is to take over the world,” Garnier said in the video. “I’m going to start killing people until this reaches a thousand (viewers), and once it reaches a thousand, I’m going to go out in public and I’m going to kill more. We’re not going to go to any movie theaters. We’re going to go totally unarmed because we don’t want to alert the authorities into thinking we might be on an actual rampage.”

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There has been no information released as of yet regarding whether this man was mentally unstable. But he probably is.

When Todd Phillip’s Joker came out many were worried that there would be an increase in movie theater violence. Those that suffered losses in the Dark Knight Rises screening where one shooter took out many in the audience were especially worried. There was speculation but overall there was only one reported instance of a scare happening in France. And that was due to two men who just wanted to rob people who would panic and leave their belongings in the theater.

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