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How to Write a Killer Script for a Horror Movie

There are many cases when a horror movie does not only terrify the audience, but also the scriptwriter. When you want to impress your fans with an authentic horror movie and remain in their memory with the best screenplay ever, the pressure becomes even greater. For example, writing about the creepiest places on Earth asks for a lot of inspiration and the writer’s ability to transmit the right atmosphere to his target group. Moreover, a killer script should also give your audience the necessary adrenaline and make them not move from the screen until the end. So, if you wonder what are the secrets behind some of the best horror movies that you have ever watched, then keep reading this article.

How to Write a Killer Script for a Horror Movie

Any scriptwriter should know what is the basic structure of a horror movie. Irrespective of how terrifying you want to create it, you should pay attention to how you build the action. One of the golden rules of a successful horror movie is focusing on action. Dialogue is also important, but the movie’s action makes a difference. Your audience will reach its climax when you manage to show more than just tell. In addition, the way you dose the adrenaline is also crucial. There is no doubt that a horror movie is full of suspense. However, you will win your fans if you manage to mount suspense and take your audience by surprise with each scene. 

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A veritable horror movie should be full of torture and awful deaths. You shouldn’t think that there is too much blood or suffering in a horror movie. In this case, the more shocking scenes you include, the better the movie will be. Finally, if you want to bring terror to a maximum point, you should also include a monster or villain in your script. Establish a connection between your public and the monster by showing them what the bad guy is capable of. 

On the other hand, even though you are writing the script for a horror movie, you shouldn’t forget about humor. Keeping your viewers in suspense from beginning to end doesn’t automatically bring success. You can include short scenes with humor to keep them engaged and wait anxiously for the next terrible moment. 

Tips and Tricks on How to Write the Most Horrifying Movie Ever

  • Don’t give your audience too much information – one of the most successful techniques in horror movies is taking your audience by surprise. Even though the golden rule is to show more than to tell, you shouldn’t show them exactly everything. For instance, you can eliminate the scenes where you explain to them what’s happening, and you will be surprised to see how they know it already without too much effort on explanatory scenes. Moreover, you shouldn’t create too much backstory around your villain character. Each of his actions should take them by surprise and make the action even more dynamic. 
  • Transform a familiar and friendly location into a scary one – setting the horror scene in a castle is already a cliché for many people nowadays. The castle of Dracula won’t impress your watchers anymore or make them scream with terror when they see your movie. What if you would rather set your action in a familiar neighborhood or location that your audience knows very well? Let people picture themselves on their favorite street and add spooky elements to make your story as shocking as possible.
  • Think of what scares you – if you don’t feel fear with the movie that you are creating, how do you assume that your audience will be scared of it? So, if you feel that it is difficult to find inspiration, you should start by analyzing what scares you the most. You should also think of how you feel when you think of scary things. Thus, you will not only discover more about yourself, but you will also be able to create an authentic frightful atmosphere for your audience. 
  • Talk to your friends and relatives about your ideas – they are the best group to get feedback from before you launch your horror movie. Their opinion will help you identify the flaws and strong points of your movie and work on them before its premiere. Moreover, they can also come with several ideas to spice your movie action even more. This is also a perfect occasion to see their reaction and decide whether your suspense and horror level are high enough for the movie’s success. 
  • Give your characters a bit of hope and chop them back close to the end of the movie – continuous suspense and awful scenes can ruin your horror movie instead of making it successful. Give your audience a bit of hope and, after a frightful crime, show them how the main character gets a bit of control over the situation. Show them how he is trying to escape and that he found the “light at the end of the tunnel”. But, this is the moment when the bad guys come back into the scene and make things more terrible than ever before. 


A killer script for horror movies should keep events as real as possible. Your audience is already in disbelief with fantastic events. Therefore, the script should make the flow of actions as realistic as possible. The way you build the phrases and dialogue can make a difference in this case. You can get your inspiration from reliable writing service and stay away from making dumb mistakes which can jeopardize your movie’s success. Furthermore, listening to horror music while writing can also help you find ideas. As long as you keep things realistic and gradually raise the level of suspense, the success is guaranteed.

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