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‘Golden Girls’ Granny Panties Are A Thing(& Everybody Needs Some)

Thank you for being a friend! And reading Nerdbot’s articles, we really like that. While browsing Etsy looking for a gift for a friend I was stunned when I came across the perfect gift. It was from the fandom they enjoyed AND it was practical. And what I’m saying is, it would be silly NOT to buy these right?

The set with All Four

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You can get this complete set of golden girls panties for only $26.99. Or you can go get some white Hanes and iron on printer paper and make your own. But these are probably one of better choices considering you get one of each character. That way they have a pair for at least four days out of the week.

Just Blanche

Blanche is a lot of peoples’ favorite character. Not mine though I like Dorothy(but they don’t have any of her listed). I don’t know anyone who would put their nose up at receiving this as a gift, and if they do they probably don’t have that great of a sense of humor… Anyway pair these with a set of mom pants that seem to be making a comeback lately and you’re set. And I’m serious about the mom pants thing, I live near a college and all the kids are wearing them. It’s weird.

Kiss From a Rose

Rose is probably the most recognizable Golden Girl and if you get these you’re sure to get a great response. They also have a fancy version of the underwear from Pantiesfashion where they really jazz it up. Bows and flowers. They even make them for special events such as Bridal Showers, so if you did want to order Dorothy panties you could.

What do you think of these? Even if it is just a gag gift they could still come in handy in an emergency. Or maybe they could be worn on a night you just aren’t feelin’ it. One look in the mirror and you’ll instantly be in a good mood again.

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