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This Inflatable Turkey Costume Instantly Makes You Cool

If you want to really wow your friends and family this year there is an inflatable turkey costume that will definitely get people talking. While you are taking pictures and gobbling up the compliments you can feel assured that you are they coolest person in the room. Or at least have the most guts(you know, because you have to take the turkeys out before you cook it…).
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You can get this costume from Amazon for only $52. It’s really cheap if you figure you will wear it at least once a year for the rest of your life. What a great way to plan for the future! “I can’t invite you over for Thanksgiving… Grandpa’s a turkey that day”. That’s what your family will say to serious girlfriends or boyfriends. Be the embarrassing one because you only live once. And it’s really a great feeling to make people uncomfortable.

Another way you could use this is to surprise your significant other in bed. Imagine walking into this.

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If I have peaked your interest then you can pick it up here. Or at least check out more about it. It could make a great gift for someone if you love them enough to spend 50 bucks on them.

Or you can check out this one here which is under $50 from Google shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving! Would you wear this? Tell us in the comments!

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