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King Of Fighters AllStar Review

King Of Fighters or KOF for short is a free 2D fighting game released on both IOS and Android. Although the game looks and runs smoothly it does come with a big update that’ll take some time to fully install depending on how you choose to do so. Another notable thing for the app is how fast it drains your battery due to how much is in the game.

For someone like myself who was unaware of this franchise until now, it does a pretty good job at giving you a super condensed version of a lot of KOF games throughout the years. The game is filled with lots of cut scenes to keep you hooked into the campaign itself with notable animations too. Because although it may not be a full cinematic cutscene it does have some moment going with the dialog so the NPC aren’t just standing there like mindless zombies.

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As for the actual gameplay of it ran super smooth. As said before it’s a 2D fighting game and when playing it the game gave super nostalgic vibes. Reminding me of retro games such as the simpsons arcade or the X-Men ones too. Even though it did give me a good taste of what use to be it still did feel new and fresh because of all the combos that are available. Making it tons of fun finding out what characters fit best to my play style. As well as finding out which characters were more fitted to be a support role where they come in help out for a few seconds and jump back out.

Even though it is a mobile game and they all encourage you to spend money to help boost your account, I didn’t feel the need to do so. Sure I wouldn’t the extra help but the grind of unlocking things wasn’t all that bad, as a matter of fact, I felt like it helped boost my skills a little more.

But as stated before the game is a little big. It does look and run smooth but the first initial update for the game can take some time and can be a little off putting. It’s a small complain compared to the rest of the game but for a mobile game it shouldn’t be as huge of an update like that. And another thing that might steer you away is how fast this app will drain your battery. I would often see my phone go from 70% to 50% in no time. With that being said, it does make you question. If you really want to play this game on the go like it’s intended. So if you do decide to play it I’d recommend being next to an outlet or having a portable charger with you.

With all that being said, overall it’s a great app to have on your phone. If you’re a sucker for fighting games then look no further than this because it’ll scratch the itch you have to play these games. The story is good enough to keep you hooked in the campaign and the actual gameplay itself is fantastic and makes you forget your playing on your phone. That being said King Of Fighters AllStar is a 8/10

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