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Converse “Sakura Sneakers” Made with Real Cherry Blossoms

Converse is bringing nature and style together in an unexpected way. In collaboration with Japanese textile makers Toyoshima, the company is creating new Sakura cherry blossom sneakers. These pink high-tops are created by using real cherry blossom petals from throughout Japan.

The petals are collected after naturally falling from their trees during cherry blossom season. They are then used to dye the Converse into the same shade of light pink as the petals. The “Sakura Sneakers” are one of three new sneaker designs dyed with raw materials. The “Blue Mallow” Converse are a baby blue pair of Converse dyed using the Blue Mallow herbal tea. Additionally, the “Drip Coffee” Converse are dyed using coffee grounds to give them a light brown color.

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A percentage of each purchase of the “Sakura Sneakers” will be donated to projects dedicated to planting cherry blossom trees throughout Japan. These projects especially target areas such as the northeastern Tohoku region, where the 2011 tsunami washed away large portions of vegetation and forests. The Sakura projects not only help revitalize forests and contribute to the ecosystem, but they give people more beautiful Sakura blossoms to experience during the season.

All three new Converse colors will be available for purchase on the Food Textile online store starting in August 2019. They will be available for 9,000 yen ( U.S. $83).

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