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Taco Bell Selling Burrito Wrapper Blankets

They say that whatever your mom eats when she is pregnant with you dictates what you will and will not like to eat growing up. Needless to say my mom ate a LOT of Taco Bell. So it would make sense that I would love Taco Bell and the Brand for the rest of my life right?

Taco Bell has recently put out the coolest warm soft blanket imaginable. It is designed to look like a burrito wrapper and you can swaddle a full grown adult in one! Not surprising that it is unfortunately sold out at the moment but keep your eyes peeled on the site because it could be any second they restock.

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Late last year Taco Bell put out sauce packet onesies that people went crazy over. It makes you wonder if fast food fashion will become more of a thing. I know that brands are big but could you imagine wearing your favorite fast food on your shirt? Some Taco Bells have actually had clothing racks in their stores for some time now. Hats and shirts mostly but with the occasional foam finger for sale as well. I remember seeing it and immediately thinking “yes I must represent my favorite food.” Which is probably what they are banking on. People who love Taco Bell LOVE Taco Bell.

What do you think of the burrito blanket? Do you know anyone who would love to own one? Tell us in the comments!

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