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Want to Write for Nerdbot?



Would you like to write for Nerdbot?


Here’s What We’re Looking For!

Nerdbot is becoming one of the leading pop-culture and driving media forces in the industry. Our articles, original content, and live events reach millions of readers, viewers, and attendees every week.

Our staff of experienced editors, authors, and content creators are always looking for fresh takes on anything people love with a focus on television, comics, movies, animation, video games and more. If you feel passionate about something, or love to be the person to get the word out to the public in a timely and precise way, we want you on our team!

Being part of Nerdbot can potentially bring opportunities outside writing. Not just within our company, but with other companies that respect our members and seek their talent.

Come join our amazing team, and start writing for us today!

To Apply: Please complete the form below for consideration, but also read through our requirements.

A few samples of articles to use as a reference can be found on the links below, but we would also hope applicants would be familiar with Nerdbot and our coverage. 

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What to know about writing for Nerdbot:

If you commit to holding a specialist position for any topic (video games, toys, tv/film), you are expected to be writing at least two or more pieces per day. Some days it’s more, some days it’s less.  

Sometimes we’ll have several breaking news items on top of each other, and we’ll need all hands on deck. Communication with your editors is extremely important, especially when it comes to your availability on a daily basis.

Be prepared to be assigned things that you maybe aren’t that familiar with. It doesn’t happen often as we do try to match the author to the subject, but we’d rather you know that ahead of time. 

We have a set of rules and guidelines we expect all writers to follow and abide by. Sure, we have a staff of editors who will be on hand if you ever need help or advice, but please make sure you’re not making more work for them by knowing the basics.

Also, YES, you will be paid for your articles. 

Other Requirements:

For all positions, we would like you to have have some knowledge of WordPress but if you don’t, help can always be provided.

If you do not have any previous professional writing experience (i.e. examples of your writing on other websites or similar), you will be asked to write an article from an assigned topic. If you aren’t happy with the topic assigned to you, give us some options of things you’d like to cover. 

Key Roles:

The below are just some types of writing areas we’re looking for. If you have an angle that you think would add to our content, by all means please send us a pitch.

TV Reviewer – We are looking for unique outlooks and commentary on what’s happening on television. If you absolutely LOVE The CW’s Arrowverse or the newest bingeable series on Netflix, we want YOU to write us reviews. 

News Writer – We’re also looking for people to write up news blurbs in a timely manner. For example, if something newsworthy breaks- we’ve got a great track record of getting the stories out quickly and correctly within minutes. This is generally a more involved position, with more chances for daily articles. 

Reporter – Help us cover out of state conventions and events. If you are going to something and want to spread the news about the event write about it!  We do overall convention reviews as well as panel write ups and event blurbs. Reporters are able to request press passes from the editor after 6 months of steady contribution.

Features Writer – Pitch us a weekly or monthly column. We are ready and willing to expand the features on our site. For example if you would like to help contribute to our “2 Minute History Lesson” surrounding pop culture, we’re interested!

Product Reviewer – If you love collecting toys, games, or just about anything else- we would love your reviews. 

Comic Writer – Help keep our readers updated on what’s happening in the comic book world! Write up a quick summary for those who don’t have the time to read up on their favorite characters’ stories, and save the day in your own way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(If you have any additional questions not covered above, please don’t hesitate to email us [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer.)