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5 Best Gaming Youtubers in 2020

Yes, playing a video game is a pleasant experience and all, but, the primary reason behind why gaming has become a mainstream thing now is on the grounds that it offers amusement unlike any other.

Hacker Hacks Printers Telling People To Subscribe To Pewdiepie

For quite sometime now the massive YouTuber Pewdiepie has been having a subscriber war with another YouTube channel named T-Series. An India music channel that is tailing him for the most subscribers on YouTube. As of writing this Pewdiepie is ahead but only by 100,000 subscribers. Both channels have 72 millions subs. Pewdiepie has been […]

Nerdbot Exclusive Interview: Norman Caruso, The Gaming Historian

If you’ve ever watched any video game content on YouTube, there’s a 9.5/10 chance (scientifically proven number, no lies) that you’ve seen one of The Gaming Historian videos. From the Power Glove, the Famicom Disc System, and even to Rob the Robot, Norman Caruso has covered them all. With a thoughtful, clean production style and […]