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We Can’t Get Over Lucas Werneck’s Amazing X-Men Redesigns

Every so often, one image can really reignite the urge to cosplay. That’s exactly what we’re feeling browsing through Lucas Werneck‘s new gallery. Featuring Marvel Comics staple characters from across the X-Men titles, these slick new uniforms are begging to be recreated in real life. Like, how great is Storm? AMAZING. Make sure you check […]

“The New Mutants” Heading to HBO Max Next Month

At long last, Josh Boone‘s much maligned film “The New Mutants” has a new streaming service home. While the flick did have a small release in 2020, it was unfortunately during the Covid-19 worldwide lockdown. While the film has been available on Amazon Prime Video for sometime, we do know where viewers will be able […]

Did “WandaVision” Just Bring the X-Men Into the MCU? [Spoilers!!]

“WandaVision” has been hit and miss over it’s initial five episodes, but with the most recent installment (which is actually simply titled, “Episode 5”) it did something more than just continuing the storyline. But we’ll get to that in a moment (and we’ll warn you before we get to the main spoiler). After last week’s, […]

The X-Men’s Blackbird is a Transformer Now, Just FYI

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the fast-paced world of “what’s gonna be a Transformer figure next?,” along comes the X-Men Blackbird and it’s rather disturbing transformation. The Ultimate X-Spanse stands a whopping 8.5 inches tall, and comes with minifigs of Wolverine and Sabretooth (because of course it does). This new transformer […]

Nerdbot Cosplay Spotlight: Hey Jay

I love seeing how cosplayers embrace and deliver characters. It brings me joy to see cosplayers let their hair down in cosplay and real life. I am so happy to introduce this cosplayer from Florida, Hey Jay.