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New The Witcher Series Coming from Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics have announced a new upcoming series in the popular “The Witcher” comics. In “The Witcher: Witch’s Lament,” hero Geralt of Rivia is faced with a mystery and his own mounting guilt after he witnesses the live burning at the stake of a witch he was contracted to find. Exploring the circumstances of […]

Happy Holidays “The Witcher” Fans- Netflix Just Released s1 Bloopers!

You ever have one of those nights when you fall down an [insert your favorite show/movie here] bloopers rabbit hole and four hours later you’ve stumbled across something like “Cheers” season 4 outtakes? Yeah. Isn’t that the BEST?? Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far for those very same bloopers from a more modern […]

New Armor for Geralt in First Look at “The Witcher” Season 2

We are so pleased to share these first look images from Netflix for the highly anticipated second season of their high fantasy live-action series, “The Witcher.” Starring Henry Cavill, the show is based on both the original novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, and the subsequent video game series from CD Projekt Red. While yes, it’s only […]