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Rob Zombie’s ‘3 From Hell’ Teaser Trailer is Here

Just over a year ago, Rob Zombie announced the sequel to the horror fan favorite film House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects had begun filming. Now finally the highly anticipated film’s teaser trailer has arrived. Though the trailer gives us little go off of, we now have a release date of sometime in fall […]

Why Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ is the Best One

With yet another installment of Michael Myers upon us, it makes one ponder, which of the 10 (yes 10!) previous installments reign supreme? Which one stands alone atop the constant reboots of the masked killer? Does such a movie exist?! The answer is Rob Zombie’s 2007 rendition Halloween. Why might you ask? Sheer brutality. This film doesn’t […]

Everyday is Halloween (For These 10 Heavy Metal Acts)

What better time than Halloween to put on a mask and become another person, to assume an identity different than your own, an alter ego. Here at Nerdbot we love music, heavy metal especially, and today we have 10 examples where the music and the macabre came together. Ten artists who treat everyday as if […]