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Nerdbot’s Review Of Nu Way #4 From Aspen Comics

It’s Aspen Comics time again over here at Nerdbot, and this week we’re resuming coverage of a very unique and entertaining series Nu Way. Think a meched out Russell Crowe Gladiator style competition where humans come equipped with crazy weapon arms and the most badass body armor the city of New Sheng has to offer.  Only […]

Nerdbot Reviews: Aspen Comics’ Nu Way #3

It’s Aspen time here at Nerdbot and this week we’re taking it back to the futuristic landscape of New Zheng as we get ready for a brand new chapter of Nu Way. Since I have been reading slash reviewing comics from Aspen I’ve had to kind of jump into the series. No joke, diving face […]

Nerdbot Review: Aspen Comics’ Nu Way #2

Alright everyone I know what you’re thinking; Adam… aren’t you the dude who doesn’t shut up about all things DC Comics? First, yes that is true, 100%. However being a man who doesn’t mind getting down on something new from time to time, I figured why not expand my horizons a little bit. Which brings […]