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Build Your Own Super Unique “Squid Game” Diorama Set

“Squid Game” is the most recent worldwide hit on Netflix. It came out of nowhere, but the iconic costumes, sets and scenes have taken over the internet. From memes to merchandise, “Squid Game” is everywhere…but we can honestly say, we’ve never seen anything like this. This one of a kind “Robot Doll” from episode 1 […]

Funny “What If…” Shirts You Need to Buy!

Marvel’s hit Disney + Series; “What If…” has spawned a lot of questions. Does the multiverse exist? Will all of the different Spider-men meet? What if Antman went up Thanos’ ass and used his pym particles to grow? Wait-what? That’s right! And Nerd Up has a few other questions on these hilarious shirts. From DC […]