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Here’s How to See ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid 2021 NY1

We wanted to make this clear so as not to scare anyone. An asteroid that has been classified as “potentially hazardous” will be passing our planet this month. Why is it classified as such? Well, it’s traveling at a whopping speed of 21,000 MPH, and is it size is anywhere from 427 and 984 feet […]

Jeff Bezos Files Suit Against Elon Musk for NASA Lunar Contract

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is really pissed off that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was awarded the official NASA contract to build crucial parts of a future lunar mission. So much in fact, that Bezos’s Blue Origin has filed a 50-page protest of the contract award with Government Accountability Office. This is like the ultimate James […]

Krispy Kreme’s Mars Doughnut to Celebrate NASA’s Perseverance Rover

Mars needs donuts, Or something like that. Thanks to confectionary giant Krispy Kreme, NASA fans can treat themselves to a specialty doughnut during the Perseverance rover landing on Thursday. Caramel-dipped and chocolate cream-filled, this super limited item is topped with a swirl that resembles Mars, and it’s even sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbs for that authentic […]

NASA, SpaceX Sending 4 Astronauts to the ISS This Saturday

We love all things space around here, and the ability to share images of the NASA SpaceX crew heading via Falcon 9 rocket to the ISS (International Space Station) this weekend is pretty damn awesome. Noted as the first crew rotation launching from American soil in almost a decade, NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission will launch […]