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Spooky Movie Time: My Top 5 Favorite Zombie Movies

While scrolling through the list of zombie flicks attempting to pick out my favorite, I was surprised to find how difficult picking a top 5 actually was. Considering how little I care for horror as a whole, the sub genre of flesh eating, reanimated monsters seems like it would be an easy one to skip […]

Wanna Ride in a Wes Anderson Designed Train Car?

If Wes Anderson ever decides to retire from making movies, he has a second career as a train car designer waiting for him. The fashionable filmmaker has partnered with Belmond to bring his signature style to the Cygnus carriage.  The Cygnus was built in the 1950s and is a movie star in its own right. […]

Deep Dive: Understanding the Chinese Summer Box Office

Here’s the thing, this isn’t that complicated of a topic to understand. It *is* more of a passion project on my part to report box office success more than anything anyone actually asked to dissect or analyze. But with the pandemic still ravaging the industry and literally changing the way we consume media, outlets and […]

Filmmaker James Wan Introduces New “Malignant” Horror Trailer

Director James Wan (“Saw,” “The Conjuring“) is clearly taking inspiration from the Italian horrors of the 70s, and we are here for it! The trailer shows main character Madison, watching home videos of her childhood with her mother, and discussing an imaginary friend named Gabriel. Wan then comes in with commentary about switching up the […]

Get Ready for the Upcoming Fall Season with These 5 Films

It’s almost fall, y’all! Time to bust out the blankies and get cozy with some good fall flicks! Here are a few of my favorites I think make the perfect movie night for 2021. “Color Out of Space“ Now, we know what you’re thinking. This is a weird choice. And you’re right, it is. But […]