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New My Hero Academia News Reveals Season 4 Arc

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t been keeping up with the series I advise you to catch up before you read this. If you have been following the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia then you know about all the shit that just went down with All Might and All For One. After kidnapping Bakugou, the […]

My Hero Academia Hints at More Seasons to Come

Masahiko Minami, president of the animation company BONES addressed the future of My Hero Academia. During a Japanese convention he dropped a major hint at future seasons for the show. “I can’t say anything specific or else I’d get scolded by Toho… but Bones have 5 sub-studios. Studio C, which has been doing HeroAca, doesn’t […]

X-Men Vs. BNHA

Growing up in the nineties the highlight of my weekend was watching X-Men the animated series every Saturday on FOX. I collected the trading cards, some of which I still have and some lost throughout the sands of time. It was my gateway into the world of Marvel comics. My favorite show on TV in […]