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Punisher Co-Creator Gerry Conway Clarifies Logo Inspiration (Again)

We’ll admit it, there is a certain joy in watching someone on the internet getting corrected about a “fact” by a person directly involved in the creation of said fact. Things like the daily mansplainers who show up on Gail Simone‘s Twitter account explaining who the Birds of Prey are, or that time a guy […]

Jack Kirby’s Son Comments on Capitol Insurrection and Captain America

The United States is still in a state of shock following the insurrection that transpired on January 6th, 2021 in Washington, DC at the nation’s Capitol Building. Rioters, who were in fact supporters of the now twice impeached outgoing President Donald Trump laid siege to the building the country’s lawmakers were gathered in. They were […]

Marvel Reveals Peter Parker’s New 2021 Spider-Man Costume

We thought maybe you’d like to see Peter Parker’s upcoming costume change for Marvel Comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man #62, due out in 2021. The new look will be featured on variant covers for issues #62 and #63. Dustin Weaver handled the art, and we like like it! Directly from Marvel Comics’ official press release about […]