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Marc Maron Shares A Couple Thoughts On The Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie

Did you forget Marc Maron was in the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie? Not going to lie, it completely escaped my mind. With the exception of a photo Todd Phillips shared on Instagram last week, the project hasn’t been making headlines lately. I’m assuming the reason is because a soon to be released trailer, hopefully before […]

Netflix’s Glow Renewed for Season 3

We weren’t sure if we would see a season 3 of ‘Glow but a tweet from Marc Maron confirmed it, along with an announcement from the official Glow Twitter account. In the last season of Glow the girls end up going to Vegas to do a show so it would seem that season 3 would […]

Marc Maron To Join New “Joker” Cast

Comedian, podcaster and curmudgeon extraordinaire Marc Maron (Glow) is reported to be joining The Joker cast. The feature, set to be released October 2019, will show the alt origin of the clown prince of crime through the able visage of Joaquin Phoenix and will be disconnected from the greater (?) DCEU. Robert De Niro and Frances […]