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Bear McCreary to Score Kevin Smith’s “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”

We are SO FRAKKING EXCITED to share the news that Emmy-winning composer Bear McCreary is scoring the upcoming animated “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” series from Mattel Television and Kevin Smith for Netflix! This morning, Netflix officially revealed not only McCreary’s involvement, but the first piece of music from the show. McCreary is absolutely the […]

RUMOR: HBO Max Considering “Batman The Animated Series” Sequel??

This is one of those rumors we’re kind of scratching our heads about, but considering who the source is, it’s pretty likely? You know how “Batman: The Animated Series” just hit HBO Max, right? Well, Kevin Smith and Fatman on Batman podcast co-host Marc Bernardin kinda sorta teased a possible sequel happening.  “The rumor is […]

Kevin Smith Says “Mallrats” Sequel Still in the Works

Sure, maybe it’s heresy, but “Mallrats” is my personal favorite entry in Kevin Smith‘s ViewAskewverse. Mixing some brilliant writing with realistic performances, the tale of comics and love stands the test of time. And, as it turns out, deserves a true sequel. This is something Smith has said he’s wanted to do for awhile, in […]

Kevin Smith, Cooper Andrews Help Launch Dan Fogler’s 4DXperience VideoCast

We are THRILLED to announce Dan Fogler‘s 4DXperience VideoCast is coming exclusively to Nerdbot, with some pretty great guests lined up for the first episode. Kevin Smith, no stranger to the various forms of talkshows and babbling-on, will join Cooper Andrews (“The Walking Dead,” “Halt and Catch Fire”) as the inaugural episode’s visitors. If you […]

Kevin Smith Announces “Jaws” 45th Anniversary Watch-Along!

Dear Kevin Smith, thank you for knowing exactly what >this< writer needs this week. A celebration of the groundbreaking, genre-defining blockbuster “Jaws” on the 45th anniversary of it’s summer release. Steven Spielberg‘s seminal film based on Peter Benchly‘s novel remains a touchstone of filmmaking. The main cast alone, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss, […]