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How to Save The Star Trek Franchise

Remember when Star Trek was the most popular thing on the planet? Do you remember a time when everyone was talking about it just like they do Game of Thrones or Star Wars? Remember when every single kid on the block was dressed in bald caps for Halloween, either to be Captain Picard, a Borg, […]

Nerdbot Mini Series Review: Hulu’s Castle Rock

J.J. Abrams and Stephen King have come together for Hulu’s new series Castle Rock. They dropped the first three episodes on July 25th and will be airing one every consecutive Wednesday until the series comes to a finish. I’m warning you now that this review will contain some spoilers. Hulu describes Castle Rock as “A […]

Keri Russell Cast as Unknown Role in Star Wars IX put up an exclusive this morning stating that J.J. Abrams has decided to cast Keri Russell in upcoming Star Wars Episode IX. Keri Russell has confirmed her role, but what we don’t know is what part she will play. She could be…anybody. It is uncertain if she will be on the side of the […]