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Netflix Announces “Vikings: Valhalla” Casting and Plot!

While we are still not over the final end for Michael Hirst‘s amazing “Vikings” drama series on HISTORY, we are pretty excited to see what the spinoff series coming to Netflix has in store. Hirst, who created both the original “Vikings” series and this one- wrote every single episode of the six-season series which told […]

The Last Mammoths Lived After the Great Pyramid

When you think of a woolly mammoth and the end of the last Ice Age, most people think they were gone right around the time people started to build cities. All the giant ancient mammals and birds were dead or dying out some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. Well…. not ALL of them.

Harry Potter – The Sword in the Philosopher’s Stone

This is a “Nerd Voices” contribution by Nerdbot reader Rachael Brennan. Follower her on Twitter!   I’m here to tell you the story of an orphaned baby boy, taken to live with people who don’t really want him by a wise old wizard. Don’t worry though, after years of being treated like a second-class citizen […]

Nerdbot Exclusive Interview: Norman Caruso, The Gaming Historian

If you’ve ever watched any video game content on YouTube, there’s a 9.5/10 chance (scientifically proven number, no lies) that you’ve seen one of The Gaming Historian videos. From the Power Glove, the Famicom Disc System, and even to Rob the Robot, Norman Caruso has covered them all. With a thoughtful, clean production style and […]

Breaking Down The Butterfly Effect (With an Unexpected Theory)

The Butterfly Effect was a 2004 movie starring Ashton Kutcher. If you’ve watched the movie, you get the premise, if not it’s basically about Kutcher’s protagonist, Evan Treborn. He suffers from blackouts and can alter his past by reading his journal. Needless to say it goes wrong. But that’s not what this article is about. When […]

Why We’re Stupid: Megan Fox Gets a History Show

Many celebrities are brilliant in another field. Peter Weller – Robocop – is an art historian. Ken Jeong – The Hangover – is a licensed medical doctor. Brian  May – Queen guitarist – is an astrophysicist. Megan Fox is co-producing a docu-series for Travel Channel about historical myths, so she must be a historian! Wrong. […]