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Woke Up This Mornin’, Rewatched “The Sopranos”

I have vivid memories of how I discovered and watched “The Sopranos” all the way through for the first time. 12 years ago I was having a discussion with a co-worker about our shared loved for gangster cinema. As we were ranking films like “Goodfellas,” “The Godfather,” and “The Untouchables,” my co-worker quickly realized that […]

Daily “Dune”: Those Weren’t Guild Navigators on Caladan

Betcha thought we were done writing about “Dune,” huh? Much like Muad’Dib’s holy war, WE’LL NEVER BE DONE! Especially when 2021 retelling director Denis Villeneuve continues to drop details in interviews. Like today’s tidbit- those beautifully designed white-helmet wearing CHOAM Spacing Guild reps on Caladan weren’t Guild Navigators. If you’ll recall, in the first 10 […]

Dan Levy Brings “The Big Brunch” to HBO Max

Get ready for “The Big Brunch” from “Schitt’s Creek” co-creator and star Dan Levy! The show will be a reality cooking competition series. Levy is also going to be hosting the series.  Technically speaking, Levy is no stranger to cooking competition shows. He served as the host of “The Great Canadian Baking Show” for two […]

I Watched “Dune” Without Knowing Anything About It [Review]

“Dune” is enormous in both scale and ambition, and sports some of the best visuals ever put to screen, even if the narrative leaves newcomers feeling confused and disconnected. It’s a little too pretentious to be engaging story wise, but so well done visually it’s hard to not enjoy the experience.