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Tales of Dunk and Egg “Game of Thrones” Series Coming to HBO Max

Just when we thought those “Game of Thrones” prequel serieseseseses had stalled, it sounds like yet-another one is coming from HBO. “The Tales of Dunk and Egg” is reportedly being developed for the cabler, and we’re pretty excited by this news. In a report from THR, the outlet claims exclusive knowledge of the series based […]

The Game of Thrones Twist We All Saw Coming

SPOILERS AHEAD. SPOILER ALERT. I WILL GIVE AWAY THE ENTIRE PLOT. PERIOD. There, that is out of the way. Daenerys Targaryan burned down a city full of innocent men, women, children, and her own army and lover. She did so angrily and without remorse. She decided it was better for her to rule with fear. […]

A Spoiler Free Review of GOT’s Season 8 Episode 1

The ending of any show is absolutely paramount to its legacy. Season 8 of Game of Thrones is basically one huge six part ending for the cultural phenomenon, so we can examine it as such. Since the last season was divided as one part moving pieces and one part ending subplots, this season starts: off […]

“A Can Has No Name” Mountain Dew Reveals Limited Edition GOT Can

“For seven seasons, Game of Thrones fans have watched characters lie, steal, bleed, kill, and sacrifice everything for the Iron Throne. Today, MTN DEW makes the ultimate sacrifice For the Throne – its name. The brand will remove its iconic neon green ‘face’ revealing a stark white, brandless can – ‘A Can Has No Name.’” […]

President Trump and His Game of Thrones Poster

Here’s a sentence I can’t believe I am typing: The President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, proudly displayed a parody poster of himself  in Game of Thrones during a recent cabinet meeting based off an image he shared several months ago. Image: Yes, this is reality. During the first Cabinet meeting […]

Final Season of Game of Thrones Airing in April 2019

Earlier today it was confirmed that the final season of Game of Thrones will air sometime next April. This comes as welcome news to all the fans who have so patiently been waiting. The trailer shows that all that has happened in previous seasons has all been leading up to this. We can expect a […]

Game Of Thrones is Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Character in Final Season

A report from CNET shows that a certain beloved character is returning for the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. No, it’s not Ned Stark (or Catelyn, despite what author George R.R. Martin might wish). Doggone it, it’s Jon Snow’s best buddy, his direwolf, Ghost. “Oh, you’ll see (Ghost) again,” Game of Thrones visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer told The Huffington Post. […]

Game of Thrones’ Final Season Likely to Debut Late-2019

The world’s favorite “Game” might take longer than expected to make its next move. reports that an interview with the show’s visual effects supervisor, Joe Bauer, has indicated the show’s final season will be eligible for the Emmy race in 2020. Given that the cutoff for Emmy nods is May 31, it appears most, […]