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Dceased is Here to Kill Off Every Hero You Love

Probably … We’re expecting the Game of Thrones Writers to tell Dceased to Calm Down When adapting the iconography of Dc Heroes , it can be difficult to bring a fresh and impactful take on characters that have been adapted for decades. Released today, Dceased has given new weight to the term “ Going Viral” […]

Anime-Weekly Exclusive: TeddyLoid Interview (Two New Albums Out Now!)

In 2015, cosplayers at conventions across the country donned purple gloves, stockings, and bright pink frocks. Anime fans far and wide quickly learned the location of the blue haired mascot, known as the famous girl from the Me!Me!Me! video. Me!Me!Me! was composed by TeddyLoid with vocals provided by Daoko that was debuted by Studio Khara […]