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Top 5 The Most Expensive M4A4 Skins

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game was launched 8 years ago and is still extremely popular. In the long run, the game has its own skin market. While some of these items are really expensive, there’s no doubt that they can change the game for the better. If you are looking for the most expensive and […]

Does Playing Video Games Before Bedtime Affect Sleep?

Gaming was probably the most popular way people used to cope with being stuck in their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic that shook the world last year. Starved for entertainment, people turned to gaming, even those who rarely or ever played games before. Evenings are usually the time when people fire up their PCs and […]

4 Tips for Gaming on a Tight Budget

While we would all like to get our hands on a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or high-end gaming PC, the prerequisite $350-$500 (or much more) can create a large barrier to entry.  Even if you have enough disposable income lying around, you’ll probably need at least twice as much to obtain the necessary gear […]

Can Gaming Continue Its Surge Post-Pandemic

by Nikki Adams The gaming industry was one of several industries that thrived under the overwhelming challenge of the coronavirus pandemic, filling a gaping void that was left by the shuttering of all major sporting events around the world in the first-half of 2020. Now though, with countries gaining ground in the battle against Covid-19 […]

5 Steps to Become a Better Video Gamer

Whatever your hobby or sport may be, chances are that you want to get better at it—at least if it’s something that allows for competition. Video gaming can certainly be a competitive hobby, and if you’re hoping to become the best, you may be looking for tips and tricks to get better at it.  How […]

Hawkeye is Coming to “Marvel’s Avengers”

“Marvel’s Avengers” is continuing its promise of new content in 2021, with the announcement of classic Avenger Clint Barton. The original Hawkeye will be making his debut in the multiplayer game with his free to download addition to the playable cast on March 18th, 2021. Distinct in his playstyle from the other Hawkeye- previously added […]

‘Muppetborn’ Brings Furry Beasts to your Dungeons & Dragons Campagin

Tired of surly Dwarves? Sick of moody Tieflings? Is the number of Half-Elves in your adventuring party just too damn high again? Fret not, because thanks to a Homebrew creation by Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast BJ Hypes, the Muppetborn race is here to add their furry madness to your campaign. Original creations by individual Dungeon […]