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Anime Expo Announces Anisong World Matsuri Concert Events

 Anime Expo is the largest anime and Japanese pop culture event in North America. The larger it grows, the more world famous talent they can book straight from Japan. 2018 promised to be no exception, with Anime Expo’s social media pages posting teasers the entire week leading up to their announcement. Every year they host […]

Top 2018 Anime I’m Excited to Start Watching (At A First Glance)

Are you settling into the quietness of late winter-early spring and don’t know what to watch? We’ve all been there. In fact, I am currently there. Right now. Despite being the award winning, critically acclaimed, super hot, (just kidding on two out of three) co-host of Anime Weekly I have not yet even begin any […]

Anime Los Angeles: Convention Survival Guide

The New Year brings hope, fear, the drive to make positive changes to better yourself, and, if you are in the Southern California area, massive hype to finish your cosplays for Anime Los Angeles at the end of January every year. If you’re not from California, the idea of a warm convention smack dab in […]